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Personal training is one-on-one or small group programs. Our primary focus is the mind, it is the most important thing to train and will lead you to achieve the goals you desire. Personal training is goal oriented whether for a competition, real life purposes or life enhancement. We focus on functional training, real world skills. Our programs will guide you towards healthy eating that will allow you to reach the goals that we have set out together. Each program will incorporate the importance of rest, and how it is necessary to succeed. This is the best option in my opinion to get the best results.

We combine martial arts training including meditation and boxing into your program.  We have certified Personal Trainers on staff, all of which are martial artists and teachers as well.

Our rates are very competitive and our schedule is flexible. One-on-one sessions are usually 30-45 minutes depending on the program that day. If we can't work you out hard in half an hour we aren't doing our job. Fitness doesn't have to be this crazy time commitment. All my years working in gyms and personal training studios I saw so much wasted time. The reason why a workout was for an hour was because a studio was paying a trainer by the hour, keeps the math simple. Why waste someone's time though? I know everyone, I mean EVERYONE can get in a half hour of exercise every day. We are flexible with our times and our cancellation policy.

We build programs based on the individual, working with them to attain goals. We build you into something better, inside and out.